My name is Gina Delano, the founder and co-owner with my husband Anthony Delano of Cor Vitae. I made a career change into the beauty industry in 2009 from a lifelong competitive and coaching gymnastics background. I am a former collegiate level gymnast and springboard diver obtaining a BA degree in Sports Management from Springfield College. Although externally I appeared confident and accomplished, internally I struggled with my self-esteem until I reached my thirties.

As a child, I had a muscular stocky build beating the boys in push-ups and pull-ups, crooked teeth, with thick wavy, fluffy hair making me subject of many “jokes” from my peers. From then on, I spent my life trying to fit a mold of what society told me was attractive and acceptable that I would never fit. I have endured much heartache looking for love in ALL the wrong places, I finally hit an emotional rock bottom at 30 yrs old that put me on the path that has lead me to Cor Vitae.

I was in so much inner turmoil and tired, I finally paused and looked within. This is where I learned to operate on the bedrock of trust and faith .

This new re-prioritized path lead me to meet and marry Anthony in 2014. We now have two healthy miracle twin baby girls. Since obtaining my cosmetology license, I have experienced many sides of the industry gaining the insight and know how to bring to your family and mine, a new understanding of beauty and how to fit it in our very busy daily lives.

COr-vitae means “the heart of LIfe” in Latin.

Cor Vitae Graphics__heart of life 2.png

The Heart Stands for Faith, Family, and Beauty

which is the bedrock of my life