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Hello~My name is Gina Delano


I am Founder and Owner of

Cor Vitae which means “The Heart of Life” in Latin.

Cor Vitae is a Lifestyle brand that teaches how to have quality of life while still accomplishing great things with a smooth and natural ebb and flow through all areas, circumstances, and seasons of life by implementing a Spirit, Mind, and Body approach. 

We offer online courses, webinars, events, salon services, and products to incorporate in your daily flow.

Our Mission is to teach ALL who are ready and want learn how to have a better quality of life with a smooth and natural ebb and flow.

Our Vision is to build a healthy company for our customers and Cor Vitae employee partners with a steady pace of growth upon a solid foundation to support impacting the world around us for the better through our superior products and services.



To Teach You About You Revealing ALL your natural gifts, talents, and beauty that are designed to bless and serve the world around us.

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