LIfe is more beautiful when you
meet the right hairdresser

Cor Vitae E-Salon was created to still be able to fit in your hair appointment with a licensed hairstylist although life gets busy.


How it works


1. Fill out form

Fill out the form below in the most detail as you can so I can understand your hair “goals” and where you currently are!


2. Review

Just by looking at your questionnaire, I’ll be able to suggest what the next steps might be for you!


3. Suggestions

From here, I’ll give you suggestions on what your next steps will be. Whether it’s root touch up, coloring, an online consult or a personalized kit, together we’ll make your hair exactly how you want it!


4.Beautiful haiR

The ultimate goal here is that you have “salon ready” hair, without having to break the bank or spend extra time at the salon. It’s my goal to give you the best advice on what to do with your hair!